Workers’ Compensation Filing Deadlines

The Maryland Workers’ Compensation Commission is the primary state agency that handles Workers Compensation claims within the State of Maryland. There is a website ( that contains a whole bunch of useful information for injured workers. This website contains an online filing system that enables employers and injured workers (or their lawyers) to file required documents electronically.

When workers are injured on the job, they are responsible for notifying their employers and filing a Form C-1 (Employee Claim Form) through the Workers’ Compensation Commissions online system. When employers are notified that an employee was injured on the job, they are required to file Form SF-1 (Employers First Report of Injury) with their insurance carrier and with the Workers’ Compensation Commissions online filing system. This form must be filed within 10 days of being notified orally or in writing about the workers’ accidental injury.

A Maryland Workers’ Compensation claim (Form C-1) MUST be filed within two years of the employee’s date of injury. If the form is not filed, the employee is forever barred from recovering benefits. There is an exception to this law which is if the Employer does not file the Form SF-1, the employee still may file a claim outside of the two-year Statute of Limitations.

What occurs quite frequently is that employees are not aware of their responsibility concerning filing the Form C-1. The employer files the SF-1 form and then the insurance company steps in and handles the claim. The employee receives benefits, such as the weekly pay while the employee is unable to work as well as payment of medical bills by the insurance carrier. The employer and the insurance carrier never inform the injured worker of the responsibility to file the C-1 form and it is never properly filed. The employee is again unaware of the responsibility and the two years to file the C-1 expires and the employee is then unable to seek benefits under the law.

Remember: Insurance carriers are not on your side. This is just one example of many why an injured worker should seek the advice of an attorney as soon as possible.