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Motor Vehicle Accident, Personal Injury

Ronald Parker settled a claim for $1.3 million

Ronald Parker settled a claim for $1.3 million for a client who lost a leg from a crush injury when a building wall collapsed after being struck by a car. The claim was successfully pursued against the car driver and the contractor who erected the building.

Motor Vehicle Accident

Tara Westra Wins $109,603 for Car Crash Client

Tara Westra wins a jury verdict wherein a woman was injured in a car crash. The woman incurred $9,000.00 in medical bills. The verdict was $109,603.77.

Motor Vehicle Accident, Personal Injury

Karmen Slezak and Perry W. Lericos, Settles Client’s Personal Injury Case for $1,250,000.00

Our client was seriously injured when a negligent driver failed to yield and pulled directly in front of our client’s vehicle. Our client sustained life threatening injuries requiring a long hospitalization and rehabilitation to recover from her injuries. They thoroughly prepared and aggressively advocated our client’s claim for her injuries, pain and suffering. They persuaded the insurance company of the negligent driver to pay the full policy limits of $1,250,000 without the need to take the case to trial.

Motor Vehicle Accident, Workers' Compensation

Tara Westra and Karmen Slezak Recover Over $409,935 for Injured Bus Driver

Tara Westra and Karmen Slezak recover over $409,935.00 for a 56 year old school bus driver who was involved in a motor vehicle crash while working.

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