This Week in Family Law

The progress of the law is odd and uneven, as there are many elements of modern Maryland law that owe their origin to the Renaissance period or even back to 1066. There is a current case in the office where the main issue involves a law approved by Parliament back in the 1600s.

However, family law definitely requires attorneys who stay on top of recent changes in the law. One of those recent changes has greatly affected divorce law in Maryland.

Not that long ago, the most common grounds for absolute divorce required that the couple be apart for at least one year before the divorce could be granted. That is no longer the case.

Without going into strict detail, it is now possible to get a divorce under mutual consent if you have a written agreement with your spouse that resolves all property and alimony issues. You are even able to get this type of divorce if you have kids but are able to agree to child custody, and what support will be paid.

You deserve counsel who understand the law. Parker, Pallett, Slezak & Russell is a firm with attorneys who are completely up to date and at ease with all aspects of the law, whether the applicable law is one year or one century old.

-Kevin A. Clasing, Esq.