Learn More About What Our Previous Customers Are Saying

“I am a 70-year-old man who has owned and ran three companies in my life. During the last forty-five years I have had six lawyers that I can still remember. All have retired or [passed] on (one of the problems of getting old). Robert Westra answered all the questions I had, he did what I needed and was as professional as any lawyer I have used. He is an asset to your firm.”

- Paul P.

“After [first] interview had a good idea of what I was in for. Got ahead of the program with Mr. Cullotta’s input and recommendations. I also followed his guidelines to the tee.”

- JEG.

“It’s unfortunate that I had to go through something terrible to experience the excellence that this law firm has offered me through the years. They will always be my first choice either for me or any relatives or friends. Perry and Ana are two amazing people with an amazing gift for helping people. Character comes from the heart and I’m honored to be in the family of professionals who have heart. They always communicate. I never had to call them or email them to get answers. They were always talking to me and checking on me, not just about the case, but my well-being. They cared more about me than...my case.”

- Tony B.

“Karmen was perfect, and i felt compensated for my accident.”

- Princia

“My experience with your firm was awesome.”

- A. A.

“Very professional and understanding, I am impressed with this law firm and they will be my law firm for life.”

- Teresa R.

“Nothing you guys were great!”

- Josh W.

“Ease of working with Karmen - she is fabulous. She makes my case important and she is up on all the details of my case. She doesn't turn it over to someone else. She has great expertise and i trust her judgement implicitly.”

- Cathy O.