When You Might Need a Criminal and Traffic Defense Lawyer

Should you ever find yourself in a legal situation wherein you can get arrested or fined, it would be best to hire the services of lawyers to help you set up a strong defense.

Whether it’s a DUI or DWI case, or a criminal case such as domestic violence or possession of controlled dangerous substance (CDS), hiring a defense lawyer such as those from Parker Pallett Slezak & Russell LLC can help. From gathering evidence and data to building and presenting arguments in court, you can rest assured that you will have your fair day in court.

When You Might Need a Criminal and Traffic Defense Lawyer

DUI/DWI – This refers to Driving Under the Influence and Driving While Intoxicated. In both scenarios, the driver is apprehended because they are driving a vehicle when they are clearly not fit to be doing so, and so puts the people around at great risk.

Some of the defense strategies taken in this case may include refuting the accuracy of the breathalyzer BAC tests, errors in police protocols during apprehension, as well as proof of medical conditions that may have caused the high amount of substance present in the defendant’s system.

Domestic Violence – This case refers to altercations or physical injuries involving couples or persons living together. Self-defense is one of the most common types of defense employed, which essentially shows that the plaintiff inflicted the harm first and that the defendant had no choice but to defend themselves from it.

Possession of CDS – CDS or controlled dangerous substance pertains to those drugs that have no medical value, and has the biggest propensity to be abused. Being caught in possession of these drugs may result in fines and jail time. The bigger the amount caught in one’s possession, the bigger the punishment is as well. Cocaine, heroin, and even prescriptions like Xanax and Oxycontin fall under the CDS classification.