Dogs are viewed as the best friend of mankind. They protect us, provide companionship, and tend to become just like any other family member. However, there are times when canines may bite, and for a myriad of reasons. When a dog bites or attacks another person, the owner is liable for how that person suffered. Our Essex, MD dog bite lawyer has seen the serious injuries victims can sustain when a dog acts aggressively. If you were recently bitten by an animal, please contact Parker, Pallet, Slezak & Russell, LLC as soon as possible. We can help you pursue compensation from the responsible dog owners for your injuries and damages. 

Reasons Why Dogs Bite

There are so many reasons why a canine may bite. They could have been put into a possessive, fearful, or painful situation that caused them to react aggressively. Dogs can have possessive tendencies, in which they may protect toys, food, territories, or their owners. A dog may seem harmless, up until they feel one of their possessions has been threatened. Dogs can have a fear of the unknown and unfamiliar. They may react towards people they don’t know, the postman, or others who trigger fear. It’s best to not approach a dog you don’t know, even if they seem friendly at the time. Dogs that are not feeling well or are in pain may bite if you interact with them. A dog may have a health issue, like a chronic injury or hip dysplasia. An animal that is in discomfort may resort to biting as a way to alleviate the stress of how they feel. 

Compensation For Injuries

Those who have been injured by a dangerous dog could be owed compensation from the dog owner, since it is their duty to protect the public from their animal’s aggression. If you have medical bills that need to be paid, lost wages from missing work, had belongings damaged, or other losses, then please contact our dedicated dog bite attorney right away. We can help you seek compensation for these losses so that you don’t suffer financially due to the incident. We understand that being involved in a dog attack can be a terrifying experience, and it may have had an impact on your mental health as well. Do be forthcoming and transparent about how the event has affected you physically, emotionally, and mentally. 

Parker, Pallet, Slezak & Russell, LLC

Dogs are man’s best friend, up until they bite someone. The canine may have been triggered by fear, the instinct to protect, or because they were in pain or discomfort. Whatever the case may be, it is up to the owner to pay you for the injury and loss you experienced due to the incident. Do not hesitate to contact Parker, Pallet, Slezak & Russell, LLC about a possible case. Our Essex dog bite attorney is ready to speak with you about what happened over a consultation. Then, we can advise further. We hope to hear from you today. 

Protecting Your Rights After Suffering From A Dog Bite

If you or a loved one has suffered an injury resulting from a dog bite or dog attack, contact our Essex, MD dog bite lawyer today. We can help you file a claim or lawsuit in pursuit of justice and crucial financial compensation. Our firm has been assisting clients in Maryland for 50 years. We have assisted over 50,000 clients and helped them receive the settlements that they needed to recover from an injury and get their life back on track. 

Our team will work hard to pursue your financial recovery so that you can focus on your physical and mental recovery. To discover exactly how we can assist you with your case, contact Parker, Pallett, Slezak & Russell, LLC today to schedule a consultation.

How Our Dog Bite Lawyer Can Help You

Our Essex dog bite attorney is here to assist you through every step of your case, beginning with an initial consultation. We will discuss the incident, your injuries and losses, and other relevant information in order to gain a complete understanding of your situation and your needs. We will then launch a thorough investigation into the incident, gathering evidence such as photographs and videos, witness statements, and more in order to prove liability on the part of the at-fault party. 

Once we have built your case, we will assist you with filing your claim or lawsuit in pursuit of compensation for your losses. We will represent you in all negotiations with the insurance company or the defendant’s legal team. We will use our five decades of experience negotiating favorable settlements to fight back against any bad-faith claims or lowball offers as we seek to secure the full extent of compensation that you deserve. While many cases can be settled out of court, if it is necessary, we are also prepared to represent you in court and advocate for your rights and your needs at trial.

Compensation For Dog Bite Victims

The exact amount of compensation that you may be eligible for will depend on the specific details of your case. Oftentimes, settlements for dog bite victims include compensation for medical bills and expenses, rehabilitation and therapy, lost wages, property damage, pain and suffering, emotional distress, and more. Our Maryland dog bite lawyer will help you analyze your injuries and losses to ensure that you are pursuing compensation that adequately meets your needs.

Contact Our Lawyer Today

Our team knows how traumatic a dog attack can be for victims. The stress of legal proceedings and insurance claims can be an unwanted burden during an already difficult time. You do not have to fight this battle alone. We will take the burden of financial recovery off of your shoulders, fighting hard on your behalf in order to protect your rights and your interests. Do not hesitate to seek our assistance. Contact Parker, Pallett, Slezak & Russell, LLC today to schedule a consultation and allow us to begin assisting you with your case.

Parker, Pallett, Slezak & Russell, LLC.

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