Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle Accident Injuries can be Extensive, and Insurance Companies Don't Want to Compensate You

If you're a motorcycle enthusiast, we know that you have a real passion for the open road. But although the freedom a bike gives you is priceless, a crash can cost you more than you might think. From lost wages to months and even years of rehabilitation, the amount of money needed to recover from a motorcycle accident can be astronomical.

As more and more people own and operate motorcycles, the risk to bikers has increased. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), in only ten years the number of people killed in motorcycle crashes doubled: from 2,161 in 1996 to 4,810 in 2006.

Though bikers get a bad rap as excessive speeders and reckless drivers, very often the other vehicle involved in the accident is to blame. Since drivers are not accustomed to looking out for cyclists, they may miss seeing a motorcycle and change lanes or turn in front of the bike, causing a serious – and avoidable – accident.

Injuries resulting from a motorcycle accident can be severe and long lasting. The affects of these injuries range from mild. to life-ending.

Some of the more common and serious injuries sustained during a motorcycle crash include:

• Brain and head trauma (concussion, skull fractures, disfigurement, loss of life)
• Spinal cord injury (partial or total paralysis, loss of life)
• Broken bones
• Internal injuries
• Road rash and infection
• Burns
• Severe cuts and lacerations

Any of these injuries can necessitate long hard months of surgeries and physical therapies.

If you, a motorcycle operator, have been injured in an accident, and the other driver is at fault, it is up to his or her insurance company to pay for your losses. However, insurance companies are only out for their bottom line. They may not care how badly you were hurt, or if you will become disabled as a result of the accident. Adjustors may devalue your claim or work to show you as the faulty party!

The only way to combat a greedy insurance company is to ensure that you have Parker, Pallett, Slezak & Russell at your side. We are highly experienced and well versed in motorcycle litigation; we are familiar with the ins and outs of the insurance business, and will be willing to take on even the most challenging case.

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