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PPSR Attorneys Secure $100,000 for Injured Biker

Accident Type: Our client was traveling down Singer Road on her bicycle when a driver of a 2007 Toyota Rav4, struck her bicycle from behind causing her to be taken to the hospital upon police arrival. Injury Type: Our client suffered abdominal pain, bruising around her entire body, and spinal injury, which did not require…

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The Parker Team Obtains $100,000 for Motorcyclist Injured by Negligent Driver

Accident Type: Client was driving a 1998 Vulcan MC, motorcycle, when he was cut off by a driver in a 1988 Mercury 4S, sports vehicle. The driver of the Mercury was traveling south bound down Conowing Rd, when they failed to yield the right of way to our client and preceded to make a left…

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The Parker Team Helps Driver Receive $100,000 in Compensation for Injuries

Accident Type: Our client while driving their 2000 Toyota VN Van, was struck, while in traffic, from behind. The client was struck by a 2010 Chevy TK Pickup Truck. The driver of the Chevy Truck was distracted and not paying attention to our client stopping in front of them. Injury Type: Our client had severe…

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The Parker Team Obtains $100,000 for Injured Cyclist

Accident Type: The client was biking through a neighborhood when the driver of a, 2007 Toyota Camry failed to stop at a stop sign, and hit the client on the bike. The client believed the car would come to a stop at the intersection and, the client proceeded through only to hit the side of…

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