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Personal Injury Case Ends in $204,783 Award for Victim Represented by PPSR

Accident Type: Our client, while driving their 2011 Dodge Van, was making a left from Middleton Lane onto West Bel Air Avenue. A 2005 Dodge Van failed to yield the right of way, and hit our client. Injury Type: Our client suffered lacerations on her legs and a broken right finger. Our client also suffered…

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The Parker Team Obtains $175,000 for Client Injured in Collision

Accident Type: Client driving a 2012 Honda Accord Struck by a driver of a Nissan SUV. The Client was driving down route 22 when the Nissan driver pulled out and struck the rear of the client’s car ripping off the bumper and damaging the passenger side panel. Injury Type: The client suffered a cervical sprain…

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Serious Car Accident Results in $165,000 Settlement for PPSR Client

Accident Type: While driving her 2007 Chrysler PT Cruiser, our client was T-boned by the driver of a 2006 Lincoln. The driver of the Lincoln did not yield the right of way to our client while pulling out onto Edmon Avenue. Our client was unable to stop or avoid the accident in any manner and…

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$160,000 is Awarded to Steel Mill Worker Represented by PPSR Attorneys

Accident Type: Our client was working at a steel mill shoveling steel shavings, when he felt a pop in his mid to lower back. He had immediate excruciating pain shooting down from his back through his buttocks and down his legs. Injury Type: Our client suffered multiple disk injuries ranging from the L2 to the…

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The Parker Team Wins Client $150,000 After Car Accident Causes Multiple Serious Injuries

Accident Type: Our client was traveling through a green light in her 2006 Honda Pilot, when the driver of a 2002 Nissan Altima ran a red light on Route 24 and Tollgate Road, hitting the driver side of our client’s car. Injury Type: Our client suffered neck and bilateral shoulder pain. To correct these issues,…

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Mailman Represented by PPSR Earns $130,000 After He is Bitten By Rottweiler

Accident Type: Our client, a U.S. mailman, was bitten by a Rottweiler while delivering a package to someone’s door. Injury Type: Our client suffered bite marks on his hands and arms, as well as his left leg. He received stitches in his leg.

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The Parker Team Wins Client $130,000 After Personal Injury Involving Pickup Truck

Accident Type: A 1998 Chevrolet 1500 Pickup Truck was stuck in the mud on our client’s property. She attempted to free the car by pushing the truck from behind. Unfortunately, the truck began to move backwards, running her over in the process. Injury Type: Our client needed left knee reconstruction, and was bruised and battered…

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Baltimore Harbor Tunnel Accident Ends in $125,000 Settlement for Victim

Accident Type: Our client was driving through the Baltimore Harbor tunnel when he was rear-ended by another vehicle. Injury Type: Our client suffered a torn rotator cuff in his shoulder, which required surgery to fix.

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PPSR Client is Awarded $125,000 After Major Multi-Vehicle Accident

Accident Type: Our client was driving northbound down I-95, in his 2006 Toyota Scion, when he was struck on the passenger side by a 2002 Peterbilt Dump Truck, which caused him to lose control of the vehicle. He was sent crashing into a 2006 Peterbilt 18-Wheeler, which totaled his car and sent him to Franklin…

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Car Accident Victim Represented by The Parker Team Earns $100,000

Accident Type: Our client drove her 2011 Honda SUV down a one-way street and crossed an intersection. A 2008 Hyundai KS struck her vehicle, which sent her crashing into two parked cars. Injury Type: Our client had left back and shoulder pain resulting from the accident. She was required to go through shoulder surgery to…

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