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Major Personal Injury Case Ends in PPSR Attorneys Winning Car Accident Victim $1.25 Million

Accident Type: Our client, driving her 2006 Ford F-150, made a left off MD 152. While she was waiting to safely make the left, the driver of a 2005 Dodge Ram, who was following too closely, slammed into the back of her vehicle and totaled it. Injury Type: Our client suffered an extremely serious back…

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The Parker Team Earns Victim of T-Bone Auto Accident $430,000

Accident Type: Our client was heading eastbound on Route 40 when the driver of a 2008 Chevrolet Uplander failed to yield to our client, who was driving a 2004 Hyundai Accent. This caused our client to T-bone the driver of the Chevrolet. Injury Type: Our client suffered multiple injuries to his head, neck, hands and…

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PPSR Assists Client in Receiving $325,000 After Personal Injury Due to Car Accident

Accident Type: Our client was traveling west on I-795 in his 2005 Chevy Pickup Truck. While proceeding through an intersection on a green light, a 2007 Dodge Ram 1500 Van ran a red light, hitting the passenger side of our client’s truck. Injury Type: The accident caused severe pain in our client’s back that required…

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PPSR Secures $300,000 for Rear-Ended Driver

Accident Type: While on the job our client was traveling south bound on I-95, when traffic began to slow. Then an adverse driver, who was looking at prior collision on the left shoulder which caused the slowed traffic, rear-ended our client. Injury Type: Our client suffered a strained back and neck, in which caused him…

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PPSR Attorneys Secure $300,000 for Injured Client

Accident Type: The client was driving a 2003 Chevy Pickup Truck when he was T Boned by a 2012 Buick. The Buick hit the client’s truck while running a red light and not paying attention to the traffic signal. Injury Type: The client was transported by an ambulance to UCMC where, they found injuries requiring…

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The Parker Team Secures $300,000 for Passenger Injured in Vehicle Crash

Accident Type: While a passenger in someone else’s vehicle, our client suffered injuries when the car, a 2002 Merc Grand Marquis, was put into drive and accelerated uncontrollably. The vehicle took off even after applying the breaks and crashed into a building in the parking lot. Injury Type: Our client suffered a fractured right second…

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The Parker Team Earns $275,000 For Client After Major Auto and Personal Injury Accident

Accident Type: Our client’s car was rear-ended in a left turn lane, after which she got out of her vehicle to look at the damage. The car that hit her vehicle was then hit by another vehicle, which left our client pinned between her car and the car that initially hit her. Injury Type: Our…

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PPSR Client Receives $270,000 After Head-On Collision Causes Personal Injury

Accident Type: While driving his 2002 Chevrolet 1500, our client was in a head-on collision with the driver of a 2002 Volkswagen Golf, who crossed over a double line on Perryman Road into our client’s lane. Injury Type: Our client suffered a fractured right ankle requiring surgery and numerous stiches. They also suffered multiple lacerations…

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Car Accident Victim Represented by The Parker Team Receives $214,578 After Major Knee Injury

Accident Type: Our client was traveling as the passenger in another’s car when they came to a quick and sudden stop. The vehicle traveling behind them was unable to brake in time and struck them from behind, pushing them into the car in front of them. Injury Type: Our client suffered right knee pain, and…

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Parker Attorneys Obtains $210,000 for Victim in Forklift Personal Injury Accident

Accident Type: While at work, a forklift drove over the foot of our client, fracturing his foot and causing serious lacerations. Injury Type: The fracture and lacerations caused severe physical and aesthetic damage to our client’s foot. He required skin grafts and surgery to heal the foot.

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