Experienced Car Collision Lawyers

After a car crash, the physical and emotional toll suffered by the victims is often overwhelming.

The immediate loss of transportation, loss of income, and the time demands of the recovery process can also create great financial stress. Having to deal with the insurance companies to get your claim accepted, your medical bills paid, and your vehicle repaired adds to the burden. You should not have to worry about all of the financial issues and legal challenges that a car crash creates. At Parker, Pallett, Slezak & Russell, helping the victims of car crashes is our highest goal. We will handle your claim from beginning to end so that you can focus on your recovery and getting well.

Our team of experienced car crash litigators have a combined 250 years of experience, and we will never recommend you settle your claim for anything less than fair and just compensation. We only get paid if we win — there are no costs or expenses if there is no recovery.


Putting your car crash claim in the right hands at the beginning pays big results at the end.

Every claim settlement is the result of persuading the insurance company what it may be forced to pay if the matter goes to trial. That is the nature of a compromise of a claim. The insurance company will value your claim against what will most likely happen if the matter goes forward to a trial before either a judge or jury.

A claim without a lawyer involved is much more likely to turn out well for the insurance company instead of you. That means the insurance company would try to settle the case for a much lower amount of money.

A claim that is being handled by an experienced and competent lawyer with a track record of success provides a much higher threat of a bad outcome for the insurance company, and they will usually settle for a much higher amount. This is often more than three times the amount of those who are unrepresented!

Should your claim have to go to trial, having a lawyer to navigate the legal process from the beginning will make sure that the facts and injuries are properly documented. That helps to avoid costly mistakes which could jeopardize your ability to recover.

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