Truck Accidents

Truck Accidents Often Result in Serious Injury, But We Can Help You Get the Compensation You Need and Deserve.

Trucking can be a stressful occupation. In order to meet consumer needs, truckers are encouraged to get loads from "point A to point B" as quickly as possible. The more trips a trucker makes, the more money he earns. Companies encourage this, leaving the driver with two options: make the tight deadline, or lose pay.

This situation leads to unsafe conditions on the roadway. Strenuous work loads can cause truckers to make the following mistakes:

• Driving drowsy
• Excessive speeding
• Driving too fast for the conditions
• Aggressive driving
• Improper Maintenance
• Improperly Secured Load/Spilled Loads
• Inexperience

Any and all of the above can cause a serious trucking accident – such as jack-knifing, or rollover, or a truck going out of control. And since commercial trucks far outweigh all other vehicles on the road, the accidents they cause are much more likely to cause serious injury or death, as compared to those involving just passenger cars.

The severity of the problem with trucks can be understood by learning tha,t in some states, 100s of people lose their lives EVERY YEAR after having an accident with a large truck. The number of semi-truck (18 wheeler) accidents has risen every year since 2003 until it is estimated that in 2010 over 35,000 such will occur. This means that on average large trucks are involved in 85 accidents a day ... and that at least two accidents each day end a life.

In most cases, the injured party is an occupant of the smaller car or truck involved in the crash. So, if you have been involved in an accident with a large truck, only an experienced attorney can help you prove negligence and win your case.

At Parker, Pallett, Slezak & Russell, we have decades of experience in helping victims of these sometimes devastating accidents. Trucking accidents can leave the injured with years of rehabilitation and costly surgeries. We have learned that proving liability in trucking accidents is more complex than in a car crash, and very likely will require experts to help reconstruct the accident scene and establish liability in conjunction with the truck accident lawyer claims.

We are standing by, ready to help you, no matter when you need us. You can count on us to help you on your road to recovery. We are happy only when you have been given the restitution you deserve!

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