Product Liability

Product Liability

Persons who purchase a simple item like a toy or household appliance rarely imagine that a design defect, production flaw or willful misrepresentation could result in a serious injury or death. If only that were true!

Additionally, persons who purchase and use a major item, such as a car or heavy piece of machinery, assume that because it has passed inspections, has state and federal certification, and comes with a warranty, that it is safe to operate. Recent well-publicized events have certainly shown that assumption to be dangerously wrong.

At Parker, Pallett, Slezak & Russell, we are experienced in this area. Should you or a loved one suffer injury from a defective product, we can identify responsible parties throughout the distribution chain, from manufacturers to distributors to retailers, ensuring the maximum number of recovery sources to compensate you and your family.

Mounting a successful product liability case requires substantial resources, both legal and financial. Few private individuals could afford this expense, which is why many actions never go to court, and injured individuals are not compensated. We have decades of collective experience in negotiating and litigating these cases and the financial strength to pursue these claims in an effective and aggressive manner.

Once we take a case, there is NEVER a fee on the client’s part until a positive judgment is won!

Some examples of Product Liability claims include:

• Pharmaceuticals / Drugs
• Medical Devices
• Defective Toys
• Defective Baby Strollers
• Defective Appliances
• Defective Power Tools
• Defective Siding / Blinds
• Auto Recalls Consumer Products / Recalls

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