Workers Compensation

How to Recover Damages When You’ve Been Injured on the Job

Workers’ Compensation is an insurance program established by state law, which requires that all employers having one or more employees (full or part time) must participate in it, for the benefit of their employees. Through this program, even though you’ve been injured, you can have a positive experience and receive an adequate award or settlement from the State Workers’ Compensation Commission.

You should consider contacting our firm about filing a Workers’ Compensation claim if one of the following things has occurred:

  1. You’ve been hurt or injured in an accident at work or on the job while employed in Maryland
  2. You’ve been disabled as a result of a work-related accident or injury while employed in Maryland
  3. You need help filing a workers’ compensation claim in order to receive benefits in Maryland
  4. You need legal help related to a workers’ compensation settlement, appeal or mediation in Maryland
  5. You need advice on Maryland Workers’ Compensation matters

Here's how you qualify.

To be covered under workers’ compensation, an employee must have received an accidental personal injury while “on the job” — in other words, while working. The injury must have arisen “out of and in the course of employment”, in the words of the law.

Not all workplace injuries are compensable. If your injury is determined to be covered, then the employer or the employer’s insurance carrier will provide medical and hospital treatment and partial income replacement benefits, until you can return to work or until you reach maximum medical improvement. The cost of the workers’ compensation insurance itself is borne entirely by the employer. No payroll deductions are taken out of individual employees’ paychecks. If your claim is found to be compensable, your weekly benefits and all medical bills will be paid by employers or their insurers.

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