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The Art of Advocacy

It’s a clichéd saying in the law that someone who represents himself (or herself), has a fool for a lawyer.   Whenever one must appear in a court of law as a plaintiff- petitioner, or defendant- respondent, their chances of success increase exponentially by the participation of counsel.  This is a constant truism, regardless of the…

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The Judiciary in Maryland:  Appointment and Retirement

The Court system in Maryland mirrors the three tiered federal system.  That is, there are three levels of courts, viz., the District Courts, the Circuit Courts and the Appellate Courts in Annapolis.  The federal system has District Courts, Circuit Courts of Appeal and the Supreme Court in Washington, DC.  All of the federal judges are…

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Practicing Law in the Techno Age

Technology has made the practice of law vastly different from that practiced a generation ago. The changes first emerge in law school, which is also radically different from that of a couple of decades ago. Perhaps you remember the agony of Timothy Bottoms, the beleaguered student of the film classic, The Paper Chase.  He would…

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