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Had an Accident? That Friendly Insurance Company Is NO LONGER Your Pal!

Oh, sure. Car insurance company TV ads are warm and supportive. Funny, too. They might show you a cute mascot, or promise immediate claim action, or tell you that you can save a lot of money when you give them your business.

But once you have a motor vehicle accident, that friendly, warm, welcoming insurance company is no longer your pal. Why? Because all insurance companies care – in the end – for one thing only: their bottom line. They don't care about you; they do not care about your pain; they do not care about your suffering. ... they only care about paying out as little as possible, and getting it all done quickly, and moving on.

They're looking out for their own best corporate interests – they're not looking out for you. But we are. Let us handle them!

When you have an accident, an insurance adjuster may offer you an amount of money that seems like "more than enough" to cover your medical bills and repair your vehicle. However, only an experienced attorney can help you evaluate the amount of money you will need, to cover lost wages, physical therapy, surgeries and other medical treatments you will need as you recover from your accident. So, if a claims adjustor or any other representative of an insurance company is pressuring you to sign any paperwork -- JUST SAY NO!

Without legal representation in your corner, you may be signing away YOUR RIGHTS to a fair settlement. It is crucial that you get experienced legal advice before signing ANY insurance forms!

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